Add some punch to your shots! Nearly all lacrosse players learn to shoot overhand first. And most learn to shoot with their sticks close to the body, much like passing. A shot fired close to the body is ideal in the company of defenders, but when there’s more space the shooter should extend their arms and use their body to put some power behind their shot.

Extended arms and full-body motion supercharge a player’s shooting power.

Much like swinging a bat, extended arms lengthen the lever and therefore increase the force catapulting the ball. To further increase shooting power full-body motion is added. At the start of a right-handed shot, the right leg supports the majority of body weight. As the shot moves forward, bodyweight is transferred to the left leg in unison with the throwing motion. Ultimately the player will embody a single fluid motion using their entire body to propel the ball at a significantly higher force than an arms-only shot.