BASIC RULES: STICK CHECK Players are permitted to hit the stick of the player possessing the ball. Stick checking is an excellent strategy for forcing a turnover, but it must be done properly for the best results and within the rules since this is a heavily scrutinized maneuver by officials. There are several circumstances that determine a legal stick check.

HOW-TO: CATCH AND THROW Here’s a couple of good instructional videos on the lacrosse basics. The nice thing about these videos is that you can pause to see exactly what’s happening during the action. These are good skills to work on outside of practice since you only need another person to catch/throw or a wall to bounce the ball off.

HOW-TO: GOALKEEPER STANCE The lacrosse goalkeeper has a ready position that combines a half squat, the stick positioned out from the torso with a narrow grip, and the stick head just to the right (or left) of the keeper’s head. This is the ideal position for the goalie to begin a reaction for any shot on goal because it’s a neutral

HOW-TO: WALL BALL The benefit of playing a sport with a bouncy rubber ball is that you’ll never find yourself alone when it comes to playing catch. You only need a wall (or a rebounder, bounce-back, etc.) as your partner. The variations in wall ball seem limitless as you can change up both throws and catches. This is the quickest

HOW-TO: STICK TRICKS TO IMPROVE SKILLS Lacrosse tricks are an easy way to encourage a player to pick up their stick. The challenge of mastering the trick keeps them engaged. And of course, there’s the benefit of showing off the newly mastered trick to earn team props. it’s all about ball control Tricks range from simple to nearly impossible, but they

HOW-TO: SHOOT AND THROW Add some punch to your shots! Nearly all lacrosse players learn to shoot overhand first. And most learn to shoot with their sticks close to the body, much like passing. A shot fired close to the body is ideal in the company of defenders, but when there’s more space the shooter should extend their arms and

RULES: GAMEPLAY Our team follows 12U youth girls lacrosse rules set forth by USA Lacrosse. Officials use these rules for officiating local youth lacrosse games. A good video that covers the basic rules for our game, and the official 2017 USLacrosse rules “interpretation” video applicable to our team is below. It’s long but covers some crucial information that helps both