The majority of differences between girls’ lacrosse stick models are found in the head. The primary advantage of an advanced head design is a “deeper” ball position in relation to the shaft centerline. Assuming physics as fact, the further below/behind the ball is on the lever centerline, the more secure the ball will be in motion. Perhaps even more importantly, it feels better to the player, thus instilling more confidence.

design matters

In consideration of the stick rule that dictates the ball must crest above the topmost element of the head frame, two components give the advantage to the advanced head. First is the head’s downward slope from the shaft and then steep rise upward. The transition from the slope to rise is where the ball rests in the pocket. This places the ball much lower in relation to the shaft centerline than the flatter beginner head. The second advantage would be the maximum pocket depth. A deeper pocket does a superior job of capturing the ball on a catch and keeping the ball secure in the head during motion (cradling). The deeper pocket is also partially responsible for the deeper ball position in relation to the shaft centerline.


A general guideline to stick shopping is to avoid complete sticks that cost less than $100 new without a discount. When shopping, view the head from the side to observe the profile. Look for the narrower frame side at the pocket and the downward slope then rise.

Used sticks

Similar to a beginner stick in price, used advanced sticks can often be found in excellent condition. A used stick is a great way to enter the sport at a minimized expense while maximizing a new player’s experience. The most popular used advanced stick models are the STX Crux 300, STX Exult 300, and Nike Lunar varieties.