LACROSSE GOGGLES: CERTIFIED AND REQUIRED Girls’ lacrosse rules require goggles for protection in games and practice. The standards for goggles have recently been updated, so shoppers need to take care when making a purchase. Ensure that the goggles are legal for use per the list of certified legal goggles below.  Pro tip: A quick search on eBay revealed several sellers

GIRLS LACROSSE VIDEO PLAYLIST Here’s a complete girls lacrosse video playlist. You’ll find tips on the basics, videos from the masters, and college games that show it all in action.     Fundamentals Shooting Space: 3 Seconds Rule: Off Ball Defense: ABCDs of Defense: Defense- driving opponent to the goal line: Midfielder fakes a pass

HOW-TO: CRADLING Cradling is the technique used to keep the ball in the head of the crosse (lacrosse stick + head assembly). The stick is moved in an arching motion, creating a force that keeps the ball pressed and suspended against the stringing. Cradling is used while the player is still and in motion. While running, the cradle is in

RULES: BALL COVERING A player may not cover a ground ball with a stick. Alternatives to covering are scooping the ground ball up, kicking the ball out to retrieve or to a teammate. Also shown in this video is an empty stick check which incurs a foul.