A GOOD LACROSSE STICK IS THE BEST BET FOR ANY LEVEL PLAYER The majority of differences between girls’ lacrosse stick models are found in the head. The primary advantage of an advanced head design is a “deeper” ball position in relation to the shaft centerline. Assuming physics as fact, the further below/behind the ball is on the lever centerline, the

GIRLS LACROSSE BASICS Lacrosse play is similar to soccer, but the players control the ball (mostly) in the air instead of the ground like soccer. The object is to put the ball in the opponent’s net to score a goal. The lacrosse field boundaries measure 60 x 110 yards (soccer is 60 x 100). There are two lines that cross

RULES: GOAL CIRCLE The rules dictate that the only player allowed in the goal circle (crease) is the goalkeeper (goalie). The goalkeeper may not possess the ball within the crease for more than 10 seconds. The goalkeeper may not return to the goal circle after retrieving the ball outside of it. No player may enter the goal circle at any