Here’s a couple of good instructional videos on the lacrosse basics. The nice thing about these videos is that you can pause to see exactly what’s happening during the action. These are good skills to work on outside of practice since you only need another person to catch/throw or a wall to bounce the ball off. These are the core skills that lacrosse play relies on.

Catching– Some of you may remember practice instruction to place your top hand high on the stick, while this video states that hands may be placed anywhere. To clarify, the top hand is what provides the primary control and resistance against the ball during the catch. Therefore a hard throw will dictate a catch with the top hand near the head of the stick to counteract that force.

Throwing– Notice the important role the body plays in the throw. Throwing is not just hands and arms action. Just like throwing a baseball, the body is a significant source of energy for the power in a throw.

Another good video showing the catching and throwing action.