You’re the winner! You’ve emerged from a group of mad hacking lacrosse sticks with the ground ball. You’ve blitzed down the field and then in a single moment, your glory is extinguished by the crushing defense of an opponent. There’s good news. You can beat that defensive wall with some fancy footwork and shoulder/arm movements. It’s all about acting like you’re going one way, but going the other. You’re tricking the defender.

The maneuver starts with a slowing of the pace during the approach to the defensive player. Adding a stutter step in the approach further clouds your intended direction- as does moving your stick to the opposite side. That approach transitions into a move that spurs a reaction in the opponent, which then results in a blast past the opponent. If the opponent moves in the same direction, then the ball carrier goes in the opposite direction.

These moves can be used at any point you have ball possession, not just on a full field blast. It’s a great way to get out of heavy defensive coverage so you can make a clean pass and retain possession for the team.